We are an environmentally aware property.  Rooms are serviced at your request only.  Towel bars are provided to encourage multiple uses.  Extra blankets, pillows and fun items are located in the dresser for your convenience.

Only registered guests are permitted to stay overnight in the rooms.  Room rates are based on the maximum room capacity.  If you feel that you can accommodate one or two additional guests in your room (such as small children), each additional guest must be registered at time of the reservation.  There will be an additional room charge of $10 per guest, per night, payment is due at time of reservation.


Quiet time begins at 11:00 pm. Olde Magnolia House Inn is over 100 years old.  Due to the age of the home, sounds carry throughout the house.  Please be respectful of other guests by keeping the noise level of your TV or music at a minimum.  The manager reserves the right to ask you to turn down or off loud music or noise that is disturbing other guests.  White noise machines are located in a drawer in your room.


We ask that guests do not rearrange or move any furniture or decorative items in the rooms.